Month: May 2016

Blocked Shower Croydon

When the weather is nice the pool parties begin. There is nothing more enjoyable then having guests over, diving in the pool and enjoying some fresh cooking on the grill. Everything is going great then all of a sudden it has been brought to your attention the shower is clogged and no water is draining. Talk about a disaster just waiting to happen in the middle of your fun day! Thank goodness you are always prepared! Tucked away is the bottle of solution that was purchased a week ago. Before pouring something down the pipes always take the time to read the directions. Considering the shower is clogged you will need something that will be able to break up piled hair and lots of soap scum. Not all over the counter products are made to handle this difficult task. Some solutions will require the water be bailed out, while others love the challenge of standing water and are made for the situation. Depending upon how bad the clog is, the liquid might only need to sit for 30 minutes. There are situations though where the liquid might need to work overnight. Once the solution has sat for the desired time you will need to wash everything down with either cold or hot water. It just depends upon what the directions call for. If the clog is not terribly bad then the over the counter liquids will be able to free it up rather quickly and the water will start draining again quickly. If the water is still standing then the buildup is probably worse than imagined. Instead of continually pouring liquid down the pipes, this would be the perfect time to call in a plumber. The professional knows how to unblock the Blocked Shower Croydon in a timely manner.

Washing machine break down repairs Croydon

The struggle is real when it comes to the washing machine. Washing machine repairs Croydon professionals can provide a great and effective repair to get your washing machine back in working order as fast as possible.But before you call for machine repair, lets find out how you can do routine maintenance on your own.Check on the water hoseThe water hose often leaks and cracks. It is inevitable, especially when you have used the machine for more than 5 years in a row. Try to look at signs of various weaknesses on your hose. Before it breaks down and creates more mess, you should get recommendations on how to change or repair it. You can replace it with steel hoses to have a longer lifespan.Do not overload your machineIt is obvious that you want everything to fit in your machine. However, this can create a mess as your machine works heavy duty in the process. It will eventually wear off. Always check if the machine loading size is balanced with the job!Keep it quiet It can be very annoying when your machine creates a noisy sound. Prevent it from shaking or vibrating the floor or the wall. Usually there are self-adjusting legs that you can check on.The detergentDetergent also plays a huge part in your washing machine lifespan. Avoid pouring too much detergent because the remains might not be flushed thoroughly by your appliance. Clean the outside tooSometimes we forget to clean the outside of the machine when we are supposed to. The stains from water and detergent might make your appliance damaged and messy.Clean the insideOnce a month, clean the inner bowl of your washing machine for more efficient work.

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